Thursday, October 15, 2009

tips how te be happy :)

today i would like to give a tips how to enjoy u life..

oke firstly be yourself..this mean doing what u want,achieving you goals not living up to others expectations because this is u life...

Accept and forget,write down all you flaws everything dont like about yorself divied them into three columns

Eliminate indetify places or people or things make yo u feel uncomfortable eliminate it from you schedule

forget other opinion what i means is negetive opinion..if u feel hurt because someone remarks there were probably covering up for their own insecurities

Learn to forgive..forgive and forget..everyone make mistakes.. remember everyone make mistake..

Enjoy is it well..never back down from an abstacle and always remember,you are you...

Have a good laugh every day..laughter has been proven to help you relax, boost you immune system protect you heart,and help you feel good in general..

Lastly enjoy what you do..dont let anyone get you down because they dont do it or they dont like it..accept and approve of youself because you are unique

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