Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cup cake untuk officemate

salam all lovely readers
last friday i update my status at face book sound like this "cup cake owh cup cake i love u so much muaxh n suddenly kak maz comment n she said " nk satu" so that i promise to give her..
ye la ibu mengandung kot..takkan nk hampakan permintaan beliaukan n i think just small request rite.but this monday i forgot my promise..ttba tadi after i finish my prayer n ttba br teringat so lpas jew blk dr surau trus turun ble cup cake tuh..
pas naik trus bg kat i buy three cup cake for kak maz,kak ina n i think klo ble untuk kak maz rasa mcm tak best jew..
so i hope that they will enjoy the cup cake this evening..

p/s : gamba cup cake tak sempat nk amik cz dah ble trus jew bg kat nida..

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